Below is our company's policy towards Price Quotation.

  • We request you to please review the same.
  • Incase any of the covered points are not clear, please do not hesitate to contact our merchandising team 

Offer Prices are valid for 30 days

  • If price mentioned is more than 30 days and the project is not confirmed, please recheck with Merchandising team

Estimated Prices

  • When price is mentioned as estimate it is our best estimate

  • Under no circumstances the price should be assumed as the final price

  • Final Price is always confirmed after the prototype is produced; The same shall be communicated by the merchandising team to the customer 

    Changes in Price

    • Prototype change requests during Prototype/SMS/PPS stages

      • which causes an increase in leather consumption (for example change in MSM) or/and

      • which causes a change in trim quality (i.e. change from #5 zipper to #8 zipper) or/and

      • request in change in Quality of Leather or/and

      • request in change in Color of Leather or/and

      • etc 

    • In such instances the price change will be communicated to customer


    Testing Costs

    • Price does not include any testing costs unless mentioned by Merchandising team

    • It should not be assumed that the testing costs are included in our price 

    • Incase customer requires RSL/Physical tests; The costs towards the same has to be bourne by the customer 


    Extra Sizes

    • The prices always mentioned are mid size where the spectrum of order ratio is equally distributed

    • Mens Price are always mentioned keeping in mind the mid size is L

      • S;M;L;XL;2XL

    • Womens Price are always mentioned keeping in mind the mid size is M

      • XS;S;M;L;XL

    • Higher Sizes are subject to 5% surcharge

      • For example if Mens Style KMM100 is mentioned as 100 USD FOB

        • 3XL will be charged for 105 USD FOB

        • 4XL will be charged for 110 USD FOB

        • and so on..

      • Similarly if Womens  Style KLL100 is mentioned as 50 USD FOB

        • 2XL will be charged for 52.50 USD FOB

        • 3XL will be charged for 55.00 USD FOB

        • and so on..